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Games that explore the shadow side of society and humanity

Games that explore the shadow side of society and humanity

We are a two-person independent game studio based in Edinburgh. We believe that games can tackle themes with more impact than any other medium and our aim is to create intellectually and morally challenging games that blur the lines of reality and escapism.

Our Story

The core of our team consists of Josh Mattyasovszky and Dan Allison, based in Edinburgh. When we are not working on our Fringe routines or deep-frying chocolate bars we are turning our passion for games into new and unique IPs.

Having spent years working on AAA titles with a large company Josh decided to embrace the freedom, flexibility, and frequent anxiety that comes from forming an independent studio. Dan doubled the size of the company soon after and we have not looked back.



Our Mission

Our aim is to combine intelligent design, striking style, and complex themes to create intriguing games that challenge the player’s skill, intellect, and their faith in humanity.

Our debut title Pax Narcotica looks at the drug trade and how it influences all aspects of society. Inspired by series such as The Wire and Narcos, we want to show the deeper impact of drug trafficking and criminality.

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