The Line

The Wire meets Elite

A game about society and the drug trade.
A hybrid of third-person, management and strategy gameplay
Where every decision has consequences, and nobody stays on the line forever

The City

The City is made up of tiles that can be taken over by factions.

Each tile has different characteristics, and benefit associated with control.

Control of a tile allows a faction to:

  • Make money through trafficking and extortion
  • Recruit workers and soldiers
  • Receive tip-offs and see when rivals enter your territory

Decide how you want to rule your territory, through fear or respect. But however you choose to control your turf the streets will react.

Street Level Gameplay

At street level the player can:

  • Interact with NPCs
  • Complete trades
  • Engage in combat and hostile takeovers

Our aim is to make every corner feel unique, and let the player become familiar with their territory beyond numbers and graphs.

As a neighbourhood becomes more run-down this will be seen on the streets, with trash piling up, buildings abandoned, and graffiti covering the walls.

Recruit & Expand

Workers are recruited from controlled territory. As your reputation grows more workers will want to join your crew.

They can be assigned to roles on a corner to increase sales or watch out for threats.
At any time Workers can be promoted to Soldiers and used to:

  • Take over new turf
  • Deliver product or collect cash
  • Attack rivals, or defend territory

Each Soldier has their own personality, their own motivations, and their own ever-changing loyalty. Betrayal by your own Soldiers can be just as damaging as an attack from a rival.

Trade & Supply

The player can buy product from connections or rival factions, and break them up for sale on the streets.

Cutting the product will increase the yield, but decrease quality.

The player must balance their profit margins with their product’s reputation – lower the purity too much and you will lose customers.

The player must keep their corners supplied, and their suppliers paid on time.

With the right contacts and reputation, the player can become a mid-level supplier and take over the wholesale market.

Automated Supply Chains

As the player’s control expands they delegate control and build supply chains.

Soldiers can be ordered to resupply corners when they run dry, or collect cash at intervals.

They can assign control of territory to Lieutenants and let them handle the daily operations.

However the more autonomy they grant a lieutenant, the more they risk losing if the lieutenant turns on them.

Keeping your Soldiers happy is as important as keeping your rivals at bay.

Takeovers & Combat

The player can take a hands-on role in aggressive expansion, or they can order their soldiers to attempt takeovers of rival territory, or run enemies out of their turf.

There are different approaches that can be taken – The more the aggressive the approach, the higher the risk of death, and police attention.

To succeed in the long term, the player must weigh up the use of violence to solve every conflict, or choose to take more diplomatic approaches.

Money Laundering & Empire Building

Street cash can easily be stolen or confiscated. As the player builds their empire they will need to clean their money.

The player can buy real estate, and generate rental money, or sell to developers when an area becomes attractive to investment.

They can also buy business, from laundrettes and nail salons, to nightclubs and restaurants.

These businesses will generate legitimate capital, and can also be used to launder illegal profits.

Police & Arrest

The authorities will attempt to shut down the trafficking operations in the city.
Show too much profile or flash too much money, and the police will notice.

Arrested soldiers will have their loyalty tested in the interrogation room – how much can you trust them to keep their mouth shut?

Each neighbourhood has its own budget. If one part of town has a high police presence the player might choose to move elsewhere.

Or they might try to get the cops on their payroll.

Government Influence

The city assigns each neighbourhood a budget for public services.

Each service will directly influence the game, affecting worker spawn rates, starting stats, police presence etc.

Budgets will change over time, in response to events in-game. An increase in violent crime might lead to increased Police, and a slashed Healthcare budget.

This can change the player’s approach to controlling their territory and force them to react to changing conditions.

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